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    So, our immediate family met up at a local restaurant for lunch yesterday to celebrate our sisters 60th birthday. It was 'hosted' by her daughter& husband. The owner/chef of restaurant is friends with them, and they had inquired earlier on if they could bring their own special BD dessert, but were told no. Okay, anyway we've all finished our meals and then out comes this fancy pistachio ice cream bombe and plates delivered to us all. The issue here is, we never ordered it but we had to pay for it....of course I understand that we 'ate' it. I would have assumed that we should have been asked if we'd like dessert first off? What do you think?
    A balanced diet is a cookie in both hands

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    Unless it was complementary due to the family connection, the restaurant should never have served it and then charged you. Since you knew you couldn't bring your own dessert to the restaurant, there could have been arrangements in your party to have dessert at someone's house after you left the restaurant. Plus, pistachio ice cream will have nuts in it, and you never know if someone is allergic to nuts. Bad form from the restaurant in my opinion.


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      I had been thinking that this may be a special treat on behalf of my niece and her husband
      A balanced diet is a cookie in both hands


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        Since you had to pay for it , your niece obviously didn't pay for it .
        Nobody asked who ordered the dessert ? Yes, you should have been asked if you wanted dessert.
        strange situation , a restaurant needs to make people aware of the fact that there are nuts in the dish, because of allergies.


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          I bet there was a miss understanding or someone
          said include the dessert. I would have addressed this
          with the owner