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March 14th Dinner Post

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  • March 14th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    No doubt about it, we got the lake effect snow last night and are still getting it as I type. We have about six inches along with the high of 31 and the low of 25.

    I have pulled vegetable beef soup from the freezer and put it in the crockpot, will start some dinner rolls midafternoon and pull some cookie dough that is already shaped and ready for the cookie sheet. I think it will be chocolate chip and snickerdoodles. I will have a variety of wonderful aromas in the house by late afternoon.

    What will you be making for your evening meal?
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    Stinkin cold 23 news was showing I-70 around Richmond is at a crawl due to black ice. High 36 low 23 we're having flurries off and on

    I have a hair cut 4:30. So gonna throw together some tuna noodle before I go.


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      We ended up looking at houses last night so dinner never got made. My MIL is having some kind of eye surgery today so I am bringing her dinner. Making the meatloaf that never happened yesterday. Hubs starts on Monjuro tomorrow so I am guessing we wont be having any big dinners soon.


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        I took a little pork tenderloin out of freezer on Sunday, but ended up having Chinese pork last nite as hubby is again not feeling well, so he had soup and DS and I finished up the Chinese. Today is pork dinner! I'm making a dressing/stuffing for it, going to wrap in bacon slices and then add in some mushroom soup to casserole, sides of mashed taters and asparagus...hubby still not well, so its prob soup again for him
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          We had a tiring day after test-driving and ultimately buying our new vehicle... Renault Trafic Premium LWB van. We are considering what to call it... John helpfully suggested "the Renault", but I preferred "the Beast". It's the biggest vehicle that I've ever driver but John was used to driving much bigger trucks when he was working. Andrew suggested that we name both of our vehicles: "big white car" and "little white car".

          After the deed was done we called around to see the children. Hannah had surgery yesterday getting grommets inserted into both ears. Her level of deafness was significant and we are all praying that the grommets are the answer. She recovered quickly from the anaesthetic and was even more active than usual when she got home.

          We had dinner at the pub on our way home. John had roast pork and vegetables; I had battered flathead fillets with chips and salad.
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            It’s so pretty today! I had to do a Walmart run and I literally stopped in the middle of one of the roads I take to get there and shot a couple of pictures of the snow on the Cascades and the farmland next to the road. I’ve got it posted on Facebook if you want to see it. I got home, put everything away and now I’m wiped out.

            Dinner is going to be a Marie Callendar’s chicken pot pie in honor of Pi Day. I’ll have some fruit with it.​