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  • March 16th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    The sun is weak at the moment but will be stronger at the morning moves forward for a mostly sunny day today and the high of 54 and the low of 45.

    We are having the last of the vegetable beef soup, egg salad sandwiches and pineapple I cut up last night.

    Let us know what you are having tonight please.
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    Sunny 46 rain coming this afternoon. High 55 low.32.
    Sis and I headed to Aldi shortly. Since they closed the one in Winchester it is a real pita. It's now like a day outing and is really a stock up trip.
    we're just gonna have a clean out fridge day. I'll refry the legs for Joe. I'll have more tuna noodle. I did make the brownies.


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      I just don't know where I'm at lol! Hubby is still not feeling well, but coming along, I had an awful night, feeling like I was going to be sick to my stomach, horrible headache. Thought we should take a covid test - positive. Now, just trying to figure out how to get some groceries, but its hard to know what, as feeling yucky. I'l get DS to hit the store and he can get what he wants, we will probably keep surviving on soups.
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        Murder, Paxlovid was a game changer for us. We felt better after each dose.


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          Paxlovid is not for everybody. I think it depends on your age and other underlying health issues. It also has a horrible after taste, like metal .
          I don't know if Mudderbear and her husband qualify to get it or even if their doctor will give it to them. Not every doctor believes in it.
          If I remember correctly , Mudderbear lives in Canada, they may have other rules in regards to Paxlovid.


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            It’s another beautiful day in the PNW, I’m starting to see some buds on the trees and starting to hear some lawnmowers again. I contacted my yard guy today to see about getting mine done. I really haven’t accomplished a darn thing today, but there isn’t a lot to be done anyway.

            My dinner I made last night was so tasty that I’m going to do it again tonight. I’ll heat up the last of the tri-tip with some BBQ sauce and pickled red onions, more baked beans and the very last of the green beans with bacon and onions and a little Aleppo pepper sprinkled on them. Yum!​


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              Originally posted by smokey View Post
              Murder, Paxlovid was a game changer for us. We felt better after each dose.
              I had not heard of this. Apparently it is available in Canada, and I read that it is prescribed free of charge if Dr or pharmacist deems it necessary. I don't think we'll go that route tho, my symptoms are mild-ish and am getting by with Tylenol and Gravol. Hubby is feeling different than me as his stomach is a mess.
              A balanced diet is a cookie in both hands


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                Mudder, i was not aware of intestinal issues with covid. Such a strange virus. We had a cough and extreme fatigue.
                I had never heard of gravol. It's called dramamine in the US. Stomach issues are horrible. Hope you and hubby feel better soon.