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March 20th Dinner Post

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  • March 20th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    Spring is in the air with the sky and the is land wrapped in the beauty of a cloudless sky with the high of 48 and the low of 30. It is such a welcome change from the weekend.

    Corn beef, potatoes, cabbage and carrots will be dinner tonight.

    What are you preparing for your dinner?
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    Only got three hours sleep last night so I was dragging the anchor all day. John had an appointment at a hospital at 9am so we had to leave home at 8.15am. His appointment ended at 12.30pm so we had lunch in the hospital cafeteria. The made nice coffee which was very welcome.

    Received a phone call this afternoon to say our new vehicle will be ready to pick up on Friday. The dealership only has to apply the tinting on to the windows and it's ready to come home.

    Dinner didn't work out as planned. Our grocery order was to arrive at 5pm but before that I received an email notification that the store had refunded $26 due to items out of stock. I was planning to make John a burger... the order included a bag of bread rolls, a cos lettuce, a tomato and the burger patties... the patties were out of stock. Instead I drove to the local butcher shop and bought some crumbed lamb cutlets which I served with the last of the mashed potato/sweet potato and some peas.
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      It's a pretty looking day. NOT a pretty feeling day. Currently 27 with a strong south wind. High 52 low 35.
      The sausage gravy/biscuits didn't happen. I picked up a package of braumschweiger for Joe. His mouth was watering for a sandwich with mustard & onion AND he had a tin of sardines with crackers. I say YYYUCK. Also said he wanted the same this eve. Fine with me as long as he takes the stinky stuff to the trash outside. Think I'll have a stuffed green pepper. He hates those
      Made eclair dessert. Yummmm


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        I just got the grill started since it takes a good 45 min to get the coals going. Grilling steak with mushrooms and onions for dinner. Tossing some chicken on as well for lunches later this week.


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          Mmm, rosie, I love braunschweiger sandwiches, but he can keep the sardines. I really tried to give them an objective try, but they’re a big nope from me. I stick to kippers, thanks! I need to find a place to donate the two cans of sardines I have left, because you can be sure I’ll never eat them.

          I know the calendar says first day of spring but it still looks like the last dregs of winter. Cold and cloudy with some sprinkles. I finally decided to try hooking up my DVD player today, that didn’t go well at all. The player is old and doesn’t have any of the right kind of connections for my new TV. Oh well, Amazon to the rescue! I had an Amazon gift certificate for $25 and I used it and paid the additional $20 for the balance and taxes. I’ll get it tomorrow. I’ve got a few DVDs I’d like to watch but the channels that have them for streaming want $15 to view them. I have a lot of DVDs and summer is coming with lousy TV. not much else got done today.

          I’m going to have the rest of the Peruvian chicken and rice soup tonight. It was so unbelievably good!​