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April 8th Dinner Post

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  • April 8th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    What a beautiful morning with a clear sky, no wind and the high of 53 and the low of 34.

    I am attending a baby shower later this afternoon that will have finger food so I probably won't be very hungry for dinner so I think toast with peanut butter and a banana will be my dinner tonight. Gourmet at its finest!!!

    What have you decided on for your evening meal?
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    We had a wonderful dinner with our family. Julia cooked slow-cooked pork ribs which was restaurant quality. Hannah inhaled quite a bit of the pork. We also had mashed potato and Vietnamese glass noodle salad. Julia and I set off to Her Majesty's theatre in Adelaide to see Come From Away. Absolutely *brilliant* production! Julia enjoyed it as well. The cast must be exhausted by the end of the show... highly active and no intermission. I'm going to listen to the soundtrack on my tablet when I go to bed.

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      What a gorgeous day it was today! (In the low 70's.)

      For dinner we had pork fried rice,a marinated vegetable salad & a strawberry-rhubarb pie.


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        It’s been windy and cold today, good day to stay in and stay warm. It’s hard to believe that tomorrow morning is the anniversary of Ken’s passing, it doesn’t seem possible. All I can do is reflect on the love and joy we had together, and be grateful for the years we had.

        I’m making a simple dinner tonight…Romanian turkey burger and some Trader Joe’s Greek chickpeas with cumin and parsley.​