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  • April 14th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    Yes, it is another fantastic day in the neighborhood. It will be a toasty 82 and the low of 56.

    DGS has asked for repeat of last night's dinner so that is what it will be. He asked what I put different in the chicken salad and I told him garlic chives along with the onion ones. He said that the garlic ones were not strong ones but did add a flavor that made it taste even better than normal. He asked for a root beer float and I told him he could go for it and make one if that is what he wants. I see a huge glass in the near future full of a root beer and ice cream.

    What will you be eating this Friday night?
    Heritic, rebel, a thing to flount,
    He drew a circle that shut me out.
    But love and I had the wit to win,
    We drew a circle that took him in.

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    Today is my neighborhood "Who Are You". My table is set, and I have been working all morning and early afternoon putting dishes together. Everyone is bringing a heritage dish that has been passed down but that remains to be seen. I made appetizers, side dishes and desserts, a German dish my mom used to make and a Honeybaked ham.. When I went into the honeybaked ham store last week before Easter, I thought I would have to stand in line - nope. I was the only customer, although another one came in while I was in the store. The only reason I went there was to use up a gift card I had from before the pandemic, and I was hoping it would still work - and it did. I don't foresee a great future for this store anymore. When they first started way back when, it was unique to have a spiral, sugar coated ham and they were good. But now the grocery stores are doing the same thing at a better price. For half a ham it was $93 ($50 gift card and $43 cash). Hope I survive tonight, I'm already tired - lol.


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      I also got a honey baked ham for Easter, been buying those hams for years. And I noticed the same thing not a lot of people in line. Years ago they had a line out the door.
      Honey baked ham has always been expensive but this year they really outdid themselves with the price. But I bought it. Ham tastes so good, I never had much luck, as far as taste was concerned , with the ham from the grocery store.
      Vera , I am sure your get together will go just fine, and everybody will bring a delicious dish for all to enjoy. Have a great time with your friends and post a picture on the board if you can.


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        It’s possible there weren’t long lines because people are probably ordering online and having them shipped. Since I moved to WA the closest HB store is at least 40 miles from me so I’ve ordered from them online and had it delivered without any problems at all. I love that ham, I may do an order later in the year.


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          That is a good point Charlene. Also now you can order / pay online and just pick up the ham. That would be a quick in and out of the store. I noticed in my store there was a separate line just to pick up the ham.


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            At a certain order price point the shipping is free, works out great for me because that’s about an 80+ mile trip for me to pick it up that I don’t have to make, especially around the Christmas holidays with snow and ice.


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              It’s a really pretty day today, nice and sunny out. All the trees are getting leaves and flowers, it looks so pretty. I did a quickie grocery run this afternoon, just needed a few items I was out of and one item I needed for tonight’s dinner. Not much else going on.

              I’m trying out a recipe for Italian sausage and white bean cassoulet tonight and I’ll probably have a slice of garlic bread with it. I’m only making a half recipe. If it’s tasty I’ll post the recipe after dinner.​