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  • April 25th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    Glorious sun is shining in abundance this morning and is a welcome sight. It will however be short lived with rain moving in by early afternoon. The high of 51 and the low of 37.

    Mac and cheese, smoked sausage, green beans and pickled beets will be dinner.

    What will you be having this evening?
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    ANZAC Day for us... commemorating the 8,000+ World War 1 diggers who were lost in one day on the shores of Gallipoli, Turkey in 1914. It's marked with a public holiday with all shops and services closed for the day with the exception of essential services.


    Traditionally there's one game of Australian Rules football played on ANZAC day between teams Collingwood and Essendon. We watched it even though we don't like either of those teams. It is always held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG as it's commonly known) and this year over 95,000 people attended... almost a sell out. It pains me to say that Collingwood won.

    We spent the day at Julia's house. Hannah was tired because she refused to have her midday nap... she was hard to manage. Even as tired as she was, she managed to eat a lot of dinner... two servings of chicken, mashed potato and peas. She ate more than I did!

    John had chicken, mashed potato, peas and gravy; I had toast with sliced roast beef.
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      It's a gray day we're at 40 now high near 50. Mid 30s tonight.
      I have been running alot trying to do what I can for my sister. She's alittle better but can't walk without a walker.
      Haven't been cooking much. Grabbing stuff out of the freezer & warming.
      I'm trying a new recipe tonight for garlic butter steak and potato skillet. It's from the blog Eat Well 101. I'm swapping out pork tenderloin for the steak
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        Mixed bag wether day, its really yucky out there. We went to town to get some grocery deals, the most important thing I wanted was laundry soap as it is 3 dollars cheaper than our local grocery store, and I forgot it! ARRRGH. Hubby likes Nestea powdered iced tea mix, 50% reduced sugar, and I used to get it for $5.99 here, and now its $8.29!!! Walmart has it for $5. Think I'll be shopping there more often.
        I made my chili today, seems to be tasting pretty good so far. Using up some random hot dog, hamburger buns for garlic toast.
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          MudderBear, I find Walmart to be way cheaper on canned goods, packaged goods and cleaning products too. I like Progresso soups and the cans are a minimum of $2 cheaper PER CAN there. Same thing for a lot of other items too. What I save there more than pays for the gas to get there.

          It’s just a spectacular looking day today! Blue skies with puffy clouds and bright sunshine. I got all the floors vacuumed and mopped today, the fur beasts are shedding like there’s no tomorrow! I had a nice long talk with my sister this afternoon, just catching up. It’s nice to chat when there’s nothing urgent going on. I need to make a quick grocery store run, I need to pick up some more of the canned dog food Abby likes, I’ll time it so I can pick up the mail afterwards.

          I’m going to heat up some of the smoked baby back ribs I got on Saturday and I’ll probably finish the pasta salad.​