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April 29th Dinner Post

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  • April 29th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is cloudy with rain off and on. The high will be 64 and the low of 48 with a day of rain with some heavier at times then other times.

    Rueben sandwiches, oven sweet potato fries and jello with blueberries and strawberries in it.

    What is the menu for your dinner tonight?
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    Today I began the craft work on my Build-a-Bear Nativity scene. I've cut out the outfits for the three Kings, three shepherds, Joseph and Mary. I'll be stitching them tomorrow. My aim to finish everything by next Friday so that I can photograph the whole display in time for the next doll meeting on Saturday. I've been asked if I would display the set at the upcoming annual doll display. My order of Myrrh gum and Frankincense arrived last week... I haven't opened it yet so I don't know what it smells like. Hopefully not too strong. The gift of gold will be in a treasure chest holding gold foil chocolate coins and some 'nuggets' of ferrero roche chocolates. I still have three camels to outfit and we need to go out and collect some small gum branches to fashion into the creche. The project has become a family effort, which is very cool...

    Dinner tonight was what has become our favourite meal of late... southern fried chicken thighs and this time we had baked pumpkin. John also had his usual baked potato and onion. I added some alfalfa sprouts to mine.

    Tomorrow my sewing machine will come out and John has offered to make dinner so that I can keep sewing! Not sure whether to be pleased or scared!!
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      Gorgeous day. Bright, sunny high mid 60s low mid 40s.
      seared some cube steak & made gravy. Dunked the meat in the gravy, added some carrots and onion stuck it in a low oven til bout 5. Mashed potatos. Joe has peas, I'll eat the carrots.


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        It’s another pretty day, we actually got into the 70’s today! I got up pretty early so that I could go to our HOA meeting at 9 am. My neighbor Lilia and I carpooled together. After the meeting I came home and got the potato salad made to take to the barbecue at Jeremy’s house tomorrow. I took a little nap after I got finished with the salad and cleaning up the kitchen.

        I’m going to fry up some of the carne asada meat that I bought yesterday and I’m going to doctor up a can of refried beans with cheese and sour cream and make a tostada on corn tortillas for dinner.​