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  • May 3rd Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    I see another dark and dreary sky with rain and the high of 47 and the low of 42.

    I am taking the leftovers from the sheet pan meal and morphing them into a cream soup. With everything being roasted it will make a very rich and flavorful soup.

    What will be your dinner tonight?
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    We both enjoyed our dinner tonight. We had what we call 'crunchy chicken' which is pre-coated chicken thighs cooked in my airfryer. People have described these packs of chicken as been the closest to KFC they've ever had. I bed to differ... it's ten times better than KFC. John had baked potato, baked pumpkin and baked onion with his; I had baked pumpkin and a large green salad.

    Tomorrow we are going out early to take two of my Pedigree dolls to the Doll Hospital for some 'plastic' surgery on one to weld some seams that have opened up due to old age (I know the feeling), new rubber bands to replace the old ones that have perished over time and then the legs, arms and heads will be tighter and finally both will have new wigs. They are valuable dolls and well worth restoring. After that we are meeting a friend we've made since moving to this state. We are having lunch together at a restaurant run by a lady who was a Masterchef contestant about eight years ago. I'm looking forward to the day very much.
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      What a mixed bag of weather today! Anytime I thought about going out for a walk the rain would start, the clear, blue skies, over and over again. I gave up.
      I did a bunch of paper and personal - filling out my application for Old Age Security! Kinda felt weird. Where the hell have the years gone?!
      Trying to finish up leftovers for dinner here, chicken divan and a pork chop, asparagus, nothing exciting.
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        It's been a sunny, windy day. Low 50s. Hopefully this will be last night in the 30s. "Their" saying 70s rest of the week. Will be nice to open the windows and doors.
        neighbor ask if we liked brisket. I always think of corned beef brisket and I do not like that. She didn't mean corned. She gave us a big ol chunk. We cooked it covered tightly over night @ 215 oh my goodness is it ever good. This eve we just had sandwiches with usual sides.


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          It’s a picture perfect day today, bright and sunny and pleasantly warm. I got up really early this morning so Jeremy and his buddy Chuck could mow down the hayfield in my back yard, I mean cut the grass. They really had their work cut out for them. It looks much better now. I did a few things around the house and then took a little nap. Tomorrow morning I have to drop Abby off at the vet’s office at 8 am for her glucose curve testing that lasts all day, so I’ll be up really early again tomorrow to make sure she eats and gets her insulin.

          I’m so glad I’ve got leftovers from the Mexican beef and squash casserole because I’m too tired to cook for real tonight. I’m going to heat up another packet of 90 second cilantro lime rice to have with it.​