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May 6th Dinner Post

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  • May 6th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It will be mostly cloudy with the high of 70 and the low of 53. A nice day for enjoying.

    I am solo tonight so am thinking maybe something beyond toast with peanut butter so maybe toast with peanut butter and jelly!!!!!

    What will be your dinner on a Saturday night?
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    Woke up to blue skies and sunshine
    We got up early here lots to be done. DS re-connected our water line to our cabin and got the ice machine up and ready there. Hubs got right out to start some yard work, he's feeling a bit more energized and numbers down a little. I made a chicken veg soup, a salad and a few different dressings. I amgoing to spend the rest of the day outside putting out my humming bird feeders and some lawn decor ie: bird houses
    I have some chicken thawing that I hope to BBQ for dinner, not sure of sides yet except for the salad.
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      Sun to clouds to sun to clouds.......73 gonna stick some green onions in the ground. Spent few hrs with sis. She's doing much better.
      I just made a quickie goulash.


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        It’s another gray and cloudy day today. Boy, did I ever sleep in this morning! I must have been tired. Bunco was so much fun last night, I’ll definitely be a regular at that in the future. I did do a quickie grocery run this afternoon to pick up some items for cooking next week, I have all the main dish proteins, just needed things like tomatoes, asparagus, carrots and mushrooms and another bag of Mandarins. Now I’m going to kick back and relax so I can get some last minute stuff done tomorrow.

        I’m going to air fry some Buffalo wings and have some of the pasta salad I made this morning.​


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          Wowza!The temps got up to 90 degrees outside today!Its still 86 degrees!I cant believe it after the cold fronts lately.

          I was hoping to have a What-A-Burger for dinner but they still arent open on this side of town.So we settled for McD's double cheese & fries.It wasnt very satisfying.I hope that the W-A-B are as good as they were when I was a child but it seems like they never are.But here's hoping!