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  • May 14th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is a mostly sunny morning that is making it a beautiful Mother's Day. The high will be 67 and the low of 46.

    My friends and I are meeting in a short while for a brunch before heading our separate ways for the day. We will be having our first meal at our friend's pond for the year with some finger foods and wonderful time spent together that will make the day begin will caring and lots of love and laughter.

    I am in charge of homemade cinnamon rolls and cups of a fresh fruit salad and the rest will bring what they were assigned. It will be lovely time and I will add some ham and some of the leftovers we always split and share for dinner tonight. Whatever there is I am sure it will be delicious.

    What will you be doing today and having tonight if you are celebrating being a Mother or your Mom?
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    Mother's Day in Australia as well... I loved seeing the artwork from both Andrew and Hannah that they made for Julia. What Julia doesn't now is that I still have a ceramic potpourri bowl that she made for me when she was a child. I believe that it's those little personal items made by children and the real treasures in life. We had dinner with them after meeting at the new house to start planning for fruit trees and garden beds.

    Our dinner tonight... Julia made another salad from her new recipe book and it was amazing. Ingredients were shredded cabbage, onion, garlic, chicken and a soy-based dressing. John had chicken, mashed potato and peas.
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      Pretty today. 70 the humidity we've had last few days is gone. Planted all the garden. That sounds like alot BUT don't plant many different things. Moving some flowers around. Dgd is sick with a cold. When gks get sick they always want granny's chicken/noodles and mashed potatos. Thankfully had homemade broth with meat in the freezer. Took that to her (keeping my distance ) so that's what we will have too.


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        It’s a beautiful day today but it sure is warm out there, had to turn on the AC again this afternoon. We’ve had a nice relaxing day, I made a German apple pancake for breakfast and it was so tasty, hadn’t had one in over a year. Last night we watched the movie Book Club so that when we go see the sequel tomorrow evening with my women’s club group we’ll be all caught up. That movie was a riot. Tonight we’re going to watch Auntie Mame with Rosalind Russell and maybe A Portrait of Jennie.

        I’m making creamy tomato pasta with shrimp and some garlic bread for dinner.​