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  • May 16th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is a partly sunny sky with the high of 74 and the low of 47. Another day of enjoying the weather.

    I am leaving as soon as I post this as getting some errands done. Not my favorite thing doing but it will be enjoyable with such nice weather and beautiful scenery.

    Dinner? Good question. Anyone have a good answer?

    What will be your dinner tonight?
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    John played poker today. I'm glad he's making new friends in South Australia. The children's nanny went home sick today so after lunch I went to Julia's house to play with Hannah. Julia picked me up from the Club but before we could get to her house, Andrew's school phoned to say that he was sick also. We was easy to look after because he immediately went to sleep on the couch. Hannah and I read books and played with playdoh for the afternoon.

    Julia made another new recipe from her new book... this time it was chicken and cashew stir fry with steamed rice. It was very, very good!

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      That Nanny sure is sick a lot, good thing you are around to fill in.


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        It is time for me go look in the kitchen for something to fix. Stormy weather. I should have looked for chili ingredients or stew but it’s not going to happen now. I have a couple of meals ready to go in the microwave and I think that will work or else I will make breakfast.

        nasty weather here this afternoon. I suspect my daughter flew to New York today. A week ago she was out of the country on business but her oldest son is graduating from college in Brooklyn and I believe she is on her way for the ceremonies.

        enjoy your evening.


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          Not a bad day weather wise, but on cool side, cane of frost tonite so I will bring in my flower baskets that I bought yesterday just incase.
          Had a hard time coming up with an idea for dinner. Ended up making chicken balls/cream of chicken soup, added red pepper/onion/celery/mushrooms/broccoli...habs will have it over brown rice and me and DS will have white rice.
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            It started out gray and cloudy but it’s turned into a very pretty day today with cooler temperatures. We had a really nice time having dinner at Dragon Palace and seeing Book Club: The Next Chapter last night. We really enjoyed the movie very much and Kim was happy to report to my son that the other ladies in the group were really very welcoming. I sure like them. I’m a little worried about my cat Mendi, she went out last night and I haven’t seen her all day. She may be out doing cat stuff and she is spayed, but it’s very odd for her not to show up for food. I hope she gets back here soon!

            We’re having Romanian turkey burgers, some pasta salad and some Trader Joe’s Greek chickpeas for dinner.​