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May 17th Dinner Post

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  • May 17th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is a mostly sunny sky with the high of 58 and the low of 38. A cool down for sure. I will need covering plants tonight.

    Smoked sausage links roasted along with pepper and onion strips on toasted buns, baked beans, deviled eggs and kiwi and banana slices will be dinner.

    What will you be having?
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    I have been doing errands all morning. It seems like I have been running errands for the last month. It looks like we should be moving in the next two weeks. I am ready to be done with it and just relax. Keeping dinner easy tonight with sheet pan fajitas and spanish rice.


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      I spent the day working on my Nativity project. As it turned out, I wasn't needed to sit with our grandchildren. It was a good day to stay indoors because it was quite cold outside.

      Dinner was chicken wings cooked on the BBQ.

      Tomorrow will be spent finishing the Nativity and dressing some of my Pedigree dolls ready for the Doll and Bear Exhibition on Sunday. We need to go and set up on Saturday and then get back to the venue in time for 9am opening on Sunday.
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        BBRRRR today! Back on with the winter coats!
        Was really stumped for dinner ideas today, finally decided on spaghetti, plain sauce I jazzed up with spices and added a bunch of spinach. 'smart' pasta for hubs, reg for me and DS.
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          Warm and sunny today, I just got back from taking Kim to the airport in Seattle and the traffic was super heavy in both directions. I sure don’t miss traffic like that at all. I stopped at a Winco market in Marysville on the way back, first time I’d ever been to one. Interesting place, if I happen to be down that way I might possibly shop there again. I’m so thankful that Kim and I have such a great mother in law/daughter in law relationship, this was a really lovely break for both of us.

          I’m wiped out this afternoon, dinner is going to be a couple of Nathan’s hot dogs and the rest of the pasta salad and an early to bed night.​


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            Not much of an appetite this evening. Later I will grab some cheese to nibble on if I am hungry.

            My grandson graduated from college today. He started college in San Diego but after the first year transferred to a college in Brooklyn. I got the chance to wish him well. His mom flew to New York for the graduation.