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May 18th Dinner Post

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  • May 18th Dinner Post

    It is a cool and beautiful morning and will continue all day. The high will be 66 and the low of 55.

    It is clean out the fridge night and that will make DGS happy and me also as it is a easy grab, heat and eat meal.

    What will your dinner be tonight?
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    Chilly this morn. Suppose to be in the 70s. Sunny & a light breeze. Got a load out early. Headed to sisters and a quick stop at WM. Going to make a strawberry delight and need an angel food cake.
    Trying new recipe for egg roll in a bowl. Never made it but sounds good amd easy.


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      It’s been a pretty day today, and I’ve just been chilling out all day. I think I’d forgotten how tiring driving in wall to wall traffic was, and Seattle traffic is a nightmare.

      I’m very glad I have some leftover shrimp and pasta to have tonight because I’m really not in the mood to cook but I really want something good to eat.​


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        Had another appt at diabetes clinic today….hubby is doing a bit better, starting to level out a bit. We had a lesson on label reading which was very helpful. Tried to grocery shop a bit in town and avoid our small town cottage store which was rammed with people. Hope I’m stocked up for a few days anyway. Dinner is veal, some kind of healthier noodle dish lol and broccoli
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          I made two tiny waffles but decided after a bite I didn’t want them. I made an early evening cup of coffee and have my water.