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  • May 29th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    As the sun rises amid the rays from the sun, another beautiful day greeting us. The high will be 80 and the low of 61.

    DGS is having a cookout with his friends, and I will be doing the same. I am taking potato salad and a fruit salad and am sure it will be lovely time and delicious food.

    What are your plans for a Memorial Day Meal?
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    It’s a beautiful Memorial Day today, bright and sunny. Our neighborhood is all dressed up in American flags for the day, and I switched my lights on the porch to red, white and blue for the day. Not too much going on today, just kind of kicking around the house.

    I’m making chiles rellanos for dinner and I’m having some cilantro lime rice with it. I’m using the frozen chile rellanos I ordered from New Mexico and making the brothy sauce from scratch.​


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      Charlene - Are your chiles rellenos stuffed with meat and/or cheese? Seems like I remember you talking about them before. What kind of broth and where do you order them from? TY.


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        The chile rellanos that I order are cheese filled and they’re so good. They’re not inexpensive, they’re about $65 for a dozen and they freeze beautifully. They also see other Hatch chile items. Their website is:

        Hatch Chile shipped from our farms in the Hatch Valley of New Mexico right to your door! We ship fresh hatch chile, roasted hatch green chile, hatch chile sauces, New Mexico salsas, chile ristras & wreaths, dried hatch red chile pods, and other unique New Mexican foods nationwide.

        The broth/sauce I make is one my mother got from a Mexican lady she worked with in the early ‘60’s and it’s so easy and from what I’ve been told, pretty authentic and I’ve never had one that tasted better.


        For the broth:
        Saute one or two onions in a large stock pan.
        Also saute a couple cloves of garlic along with the onions.

        Use 3 chicken bouillon cubes, crumble and add to the onions. Add the chicken broth.

        If using canned chicken broth use two cans and add a little water. Bring to a boil and add a large can of chopped tomatoes. Add salt and pepper to taste, then add about a heaping tablespoon of dried oregano, crushing it between your palms before adding to the pot. Let the soup boil for a few minutes and drop the previously prepared chilies into the soup and let boil about long enough to melt the cheese and the batter to puff up. Place a chile in bowl, add broth, and serve.


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          Thank you Charlene for the info. I have only had a stuffed relleno once and it was stuffed with shredded beef. That was a few years ago but it was memorable. For some reason cheese stuffed doesn't appeal to me probably because the beef one was so good. I will look at the web site. The broth sounds really favorable. My relleno was not in any broth.


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            Charlene - Have you tried any of their salsas? If so, can you recommend any?


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              I haven’t tried any of their salsas, but I have used the green chile powder, it’s amazing on eggs. Costco carries quart jars of the roasted and diced green chiles and I use a lot of those. Some grocery stores carry Hatch salsas, one type is labeled 505 brand, the New Mexico area code.


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                Thanks for the info. My son, who will be visiting this summer, is a salsa nut. Since you haven't tried their salsas, I probably wouldn't order any. I like to get salsas from local restaurants because, to me, there isn't a decent jarred salsa at the grocery stores. One particular salsa I love but is from a restaurant in Northern Virgina about 50 miles away is Uncle Julios/Rio Grande (depending on location). Believe it or not, it is served warm and they make their own very thin chips. I could take a straw to it, it is that good to me.


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                  Oooh, warm salsa would be good! The restaurants here all serve salsa and warm bean dip with their chips, so good. I have to make sure I don’t go crazy on that and not be able to eat dinner. My favorite jarred salsa is Herdez Medium Roasted Salsa Verde, really quite tasty.


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                    ltb nothing much going on here.We had chinese for our dinner.

                    Charlene I agree on the Hardez Salsa Verde,its very yummy!Cant wait to try the chile rellanos broth.