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  • Doll Exhibition #3

    And last but not least, my Nativity set and the photos will need to be split over two threads.

    There's a story as to why I wanted to make this set. I dreamed about it... three nights in a row. I couldn't stop planning it in my head so I figured that I was meant to make it. I did make all the clothes except for one of the Kings which is wearing a modified Build-a-Bear outfit. The Kings are carrying the correct gifts for the baby Jesus; the Myrrh and Frankincense was purchased online and was harvested in Egypt. The 'gold' gift is Ferrero Roche chocolates and gold foil covered chocolate coins. Yes, the biggest camel is wearing desert boots for fun but also he wouldn't stand up on the table without them. I intend making a saddle cloth for him but ran out of time and energy. I'll make it by Christmas this year. The majority of the fabrics used for the clothes came from charity shops and all of the jewellery on the Kings including the bangles that became the two crowns, also came from charity shops. I wanted something different for the third King but I can't decide what to do... in the meantime he's wearing a green scarf that I knotted.




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