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  • rosie

    How is your garden doing without the rain? I know last year it was not a good one and you questioned if you would plant this year. I know mine is growing but not like it should even with good watering. My tomato plants are forming small ones and I have one pepper on a pepper plant. Small but there. Lettuce is coming up and green beans and radishes also I see where carrots are finally breaking ground also. We need rain, even the grass is turning brown.

    Hope you are doing good with yours?
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    Sounds like mine is doing like yours. Stuff is up. The beans look really good the tomatos are spindly but loaded with blooms. Zucchini looking good. Beets suck. Just keep watering. The weeds are happy was feeling not so great last yr when it was over but then spring comes and I just can't stand not playing in the garden. We are now listed in a moderate drought. No rain til possibly Sunday. Ugh. The grass is crunchy and brown.