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  • Just (food for) a thought,,,,,

    I was just kicking back trying to relax & started contemplating a few things.Such as,on the average i'm sure most people could probably say that they have had some kind of trauma in their lives. Whether it be an emotional or physical one.To them pain is pain & trauma is trauma & whose to say ln that we all feel different levels of pain & trauma.in our own way, each of us.

    & how do we measure pain & or trauma?As in some pregnancies whether it was a natural delivery or a caesarean.No two people are going to react in the same way toward their pain & or trauma.Or any of other surgeries some small,some others more invasive.But to some people their encounter with it was a breeze & to another person,it could have been the hardest thing they have ever encountered in their lifetime.I'm sure the birth process might be the most horrible pain/trauma that happens to some & if an infant could tell us right after birth(but then they do as they are crying after being born)that it was traumatizing . Anyway,what i'm getting to is i've had different levels of pain/& or trauma all of my life with different degrees of emotional/& or physical pain.Why did fibromyalga show/rear its ugly head in my life 22 yrs.ago & not sooner or later?& why do some people who have had similar trauma in their lives not come down with it at all? Or had it earlier or later than some people?While i'm glad that alot of people who have had trauma & dont come down with fibromyalgia,i'm just wondering who-what-where-when-& why do some people get it & others dont.Every specialist that i've ever been to has said that fibromyalgia comes from trauma.& why do us lucky ones get it & others dont?

    I'll go now, sorry for rambling on....

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    Its probably a genetic mutation and the switch gets flipped on from some physical trauma and cant turn off. I believe it runs in families so its probably just sitting in people waiting to get turned on. If only men got it they would probably figure it out pretty quick.


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      muzette that makes a lot of sense,I do know that spastic colon has been handed down thru 4 generations in my maternal side.but the fibromyalgia, im either the 1st or the fibromayalgia was quite possibly in varying lowering degrees in the past generations.If it is starting with me I dislike so much that im handing it down to future people in my lineage!Oh & you could be on to something concerning men getting it vs a cure for it! Im pretty sure of that!