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July 18th Dinner Post

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  • July 18th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is a beautiful sunny day with a hazy sky and lower temperatures thank goodness. The high will be 78 and the low of 59.

    Dinner is up in the air so I will just take the day as it comes.

    What will you be having for dinner tonight?
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    I took the dog for a walk bright and early thinking we would try a new route. 5 miles later in stupid sandals I just wanted to die lol. Both of us are exhausted. All of my chores are done so I plan on reading the rest of the day. Keeping dinner simple and grilling some brats and a salad.


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      Today was John's poker day... I stayed home because I still had symptoms of RSV. I slept a lot during the day and only did little bits of housework. When John arrived home, he was beaming because he had won the tournament and pocketed $290. I'm happy for him... he hasn't won in months.

      Our dinner tonight was very simple as John had eaten fish and vegetables for lunch at the club. I had baked beans (from a tin), bacon and two little dinner rolls; John had bacon, eggs, onion and toast.

      I feel a bit better tonight so hopefully I'm over the worst of my illness.
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        Spent much of my day at the beach today, grabbed a shower when we got back and a nap. Listening to a friend play guitar and sing now. Best of all I am on vacation and my Grandson flew in from Brooklyn.


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          It’s a beautiful summer day today, warm but not uncomfortable. Today I made arrangements for boarding Abby next month, I have to take copies of her vaccination and sterilization certificates to the place tomorrow and set up an account. The hardest thing about finding a place is finding one that will give her the insulin injections and they will do it. It’s only going to be 4 nights total, I’ll leave her there the night before my flight and pick her up the morning after my return.

          I’m going to smoke some steelhead trout in my stovetop smoker and make a package of Cheddar Bay biscuits and have some mixed veggies too.​