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July 23rd Dinner Post

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  • July 23rd Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is a hazy morning with rain possible this afternoon with the high of 84 and the low of 64. The coolest we will have for a brutal week of hot weather coming.

    I will be solo tonight and will have toast with peanut butter, and a fruit smoothie.

    What will be your Sunday night dinner?
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    Yet another cold day... had the heating turned on all day. I spent some time on my crocheting. I now have 14 baby blankets completed.

    Our dinner tonight: John had pork steak, baked potato, baked pumpkin, grilled onion, carrot and peas. I had a small bowl of pasta with vegetables and bolognaise sauce.

    We are spending the day tomorrow with Andrew. He's off school again with his fevers... Of course, we are happy to spend our time with him.
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      It’s a very pretty day today, clear and warm. Weather reports are saying possibility of rain tomorrow, sure hope so! I’ve been doing some general tidying before I go shower and get ready for tonight. I’m going to a free show at the Canoes Cabaret in the Tulalip Casino in Marysville featuring Pseudotramp, a tribute band for Supertramp with the Meet Up ladies. One of the members has seen this group and said they’re excellent. I’m always interested in tribute bands because my oldest son plays bass in a couple of tribute bands and a cover band. I’m going to have dinner at Blazing Paddles in the casino, they have a smoked salmon salad that sounds really good!