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July 27th Dinner Post

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  • July 27th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    Late yesterday afternoon more storms rolled in and another round of high wind and rain. More is expected today along with a heat advisory again with a humid high of 88 and the low of 71.

    I was out early this morning and picked some tomatoes and lettuce, baked some bacon last night so BLTs it will be for dinner along with a fruit salad.

    What will be your dinner this evening?
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    I am traveling but anxious to get home. My dog will probably be as happy to see me as I will be to see him. He has been staying will a friend and she has a cat. I hope they got along. If so we may an adopt a cat.


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      We had doctors appointments today. Among other things, we had vaccinations: John had four; I had one. We go back in two weeks when John has to have three more and then he's caught up.

      Dinner tonight was lamb loin chops... John had baked potato, baked pumpkin, baked onion and peas; I had leftover rice salad from last night and cos lettuce.

      Washing machine is going tonight while I crochet. I'll hang the clothes before I go to bed.
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        We went on a mini vacation to go to one of those car auctions you see on TV. Hubs got a new car and we also went to Hershey PA. Both adventures were expensive lol. We came home early because on of the grandkids is playing hillbilly and racing his atv at the fair so that is where we will be tonight. Fair food for dinner it is.


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          What kind of car did he get muzette? Ken used to watch those auctions and drool.

          It’s a really pretty day today, nice and comfortable out. I really didn’t sleep well last night, weirder than usual dreams and Abby decided to wake me up about 4:30 AM to go outside. It’s not unusual for me to have active crazy dreams but that one last night was something else. I got my hair cut today, it should be back to perfect length by the time I go to my HS reunion on the 19th of August. Not much else happening today.

          I’m making spicy gochujang glazed pork chops and baked sweet potato and steamed zucchini for dinner.​