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  • July 29th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    We got a deluge of rain early evening yesterday and the rain continued all night and stopped about 2 hours ago. The thunder and lightning were intense and that is what woke me up this morning. It is still humid with a 30% chance of more rain today with the high of a wonderful 83 and the low of an even better 62.

    I am putting out tuna and egg salad, raw veggies, lettuce I picked yesterday morning and fruit so DGS can make whatever way he wants his meal. He did say he was getting some ice cream and putting fruit on it along with chocolate sauce he was picking up also. I will put the egg and tuna salad on some of the lettuce for a salad that will hit the spot for me along with a garden- fresh tomato. I can't get enough of the tomatoes, they are just so good.

    What will be your dinner this Saturday night?
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    We had a quiet day for the most part. John watched AFL football on TV, between naps. I got most of what I intended done but my efforts will now be spread over the whole weekend. We have nothing in the diary until Monday afternoon.

    Dinner was different for each of us. I cooked a BBQ steak for John with chips, onion and eggs. I had a beef and cheese toasted sandwich.
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      Another HHH here. Storms last night didn't help the humidity. The neighbor gave me another chunk of brisket. Cooked in my 4qt roaster over night. So we're having bbq beef sandwiches, tater tots and leftover sauteed zucchini-onion-garlic and tomatos with Italian dressing.


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        It’s a pretty day today, comfortable temperatures in the low 70’s. I went over to the Camano Islnd Kennels today and got everything set up for Abby’s stay next month. It’s a really nice place with lots of room. Not much else happening today.

        I’m planning on making a turkey burger for dinner, won’t really need anything else.​