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  • August 1st

    Good Morning!

    It is a lovely morning with no humidity with just the smokey haze. The high will be 79 and the low of 59. A perfect day.

    I got woke at 4 this morning by a small scared voice that old me that her Daddy sounded funny and would not wake up. I knew at once that it was the family with the sick Mom and know that the father is diabetic. I told the little one that I would call an ambulance and let them in if they got there before me. Pajama bottoms stayed, top pulled on and I was out the door. I pulled in just ahead of the ambulance and a little monkey spang on me and hung on for dear life. The mom was having a hard time of it and was upset so I talked with her and then found out the father was in a coma, his sugar had really bottomed out. Around 7 I called in the Mom squad, and have now left the family in their care, taking shifts. I will take food I am making for the fridge and freezer as will the others. Life is so dang hard and it is even harder seeing a beautiful, loving family go through this over and over.

    I came home and sat and outside and watched the day wake up and did a few things outside and decided I will freezer shop in a bit for dinner.

    What will you be having tonight?
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    I'm enjoying having play dates with Andrew and Hannah. Today we had some time on the trampoline which they both *love* while John was at poker. No, I didn't go on the trampoline with them... Once John arrived at their home, Hannah ditched me to play with Granddad... *LOL* She loves him to bits. I've offered to go back tomorrow as the nanny is on sick leave and hope to hear from my daughter soon.

    Our car that was rear hit in an accident is finally getting repaired in a week. It was drivable but I hate having so much damage on the panels. South Australia is very short of crash repairers and it's just a matter of waiting patiently. Once it's repaired we'll be able to put the personalised number plates on.

    Our dinner tonight was a real treat and something I'd been craving for... chicken and BBQ sauce pizza and vegetarian pizza. John had a steak sandwich because he doesn't like pizza.
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      Yikes! AUGUST!! This doesn’t seem possible. It’s a pretty day, probably high 70’s. I’ve been doing little busywork stuff, took my ballot to the Dropbox and went to the grocery store for more produce for the week. Not much else going on at all.

      I’m making chicken and zucchini stir fry and a package of Trader Joe’s squiggly noodles to go with it.​