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August 3rd Dinner Post

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  • August 3rd Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is a hazy morning again and will be a toasty day with the high of 86 and the low of 65.

    Sub sandwiches with items picked from the garden as options for being used on them will be tomatoes, green and red peppers, lettuce and refrigerated pickled onions I made last night. Peaches will finish off the meal.

    What will you be eating tonight?
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    My babysitting services was not required today so I stayed home and prepared the house for the home help coming tomorrow. Our gardener mowed the lawns this morning so the yards look neat again. I spent the afternoon resting. Since my tumble in the hallway, my shoulder is still giving me a lot of grief. I tried to avoid visiting the doctor but I'm close to changing my mind.

    For dinner tonight we had lamb loin chops. John had the usual potato, onion and peas. I had some rice and salad.

    Having blood tests in the morning. I sense my surgery will be soon.
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      Cleaning out odds and ends today and it looks like it will make a good stir fry.


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        Picked up meds today but haven’t a clue about dinner this evening. I have a bad tendency to not bother with dinner. I may do a quick grocery order and order something.


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          Another beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest today! Skies are clear and bright blue and it’s in the high 70’s. I think next week is going to be warmer. Nothing major happening today, tomorrow I’m going to pick up my new glasses and do a fast Costco run. I don’t need a lot but they’re featuring some items that I keep in stock that I’m very low on.

          I’m getting a Papa Murphy’s pizza for dinner tonight. I got a reward coupon for a free pizza up to $16 off for my birthday, so I didn’t want to let that one expire! I’m also picking up one of their salads to have tomorrow night.​