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    In many recipes that need paprika, it sometimes says "sweet" paprika. I have never seen that label; it always just says paprika. I know there is smoked and hot so is regular sweet paprika just paprika with no sweet on the label? I don't have a spice store close to me but only a well-stocked grocery store - Wegmans. Just wondering.

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    My pallet is not sophisticated enough to tell any difference so I use whatever I have on hand. Right now I have some kind of Hungarian paprika from Penzys. Its just ground up dried red peppers anyhow so you could always make your own if you have a lot of red peppers.


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      And then there is Hungarian Paprika. I don't use Paprika very often so I just have the regular Paprika to use.


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        Originally posted by Vera View Post
        In many recipes that need paprika, it sometimes says "sweet" paprika.
        We have Sweet Paprika, Hot Paprika and Smoked Paprika is our supermarket. I only ever use Sweet (or Hungarian) paprika because I don't like hot spices. It's one of the ingredients when I make my own Catalina dressing (I can't buy it here and have been addicted to it since my travels). I seem to use it for 9/10 of my meals.
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