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August 22nd Dinner Post

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  • August 22nd Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    I am wondering if the fires in Canada are getting closer to the US border or if the wind strength is stronger and encompassing bigger amounts of smoke. It is another hazy day, and I just can't imagine what it is like for those that live closer to the fires. Mudder is quiet so I hope that means she is just taking a break and they are all ok.

    The high today will be another muggy day of clearing out as the day progresses with a high of 78 and the low of 68.

    We will have leftovers from last night's dinner with the addition of baked custard I made last night.

    What will be your dinner tonight?
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    My neighbors are adding a patio room on their home and it is a bit noisy. I know they will enjoy that.


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      Poker day today. We had lunch at the club... I had fish and vegetables; John had roast lamb and vegetables. After poker, as usual, we visited Julia's family for dinner. Hannah always wants to do play-doh with me and Andrew always wants to play board games with John. Dinner was homemade hamburgers.
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        It’s been such a pretty day today, blue skies, puffy white clouds and highs in the high 60’s to low 70’s, just about perfect. I made a big circle of errands today; I took all the rest of Abby’s food to the NOAH Center and donated it, also left information for anyone have problems affording canine diabetic supplies that I have some I want to donate. Then it was off to Mount Vernon, went to the Safeway Fuel station to fill up at $1 off per gallon and it was still $48.50 to fill the tank, but that will last me until late September or early October. I went to Walmart and stocked up on some canned goods and other items I needed and then went to my vet’s office and picked up Abby’s ashes. It’s so strange not having her here, I keep looking for her every time I do something like open the fridge or sit down to eat. I still haven’t been able to pick up her beds or toys yet, but there’s no hurry.

        I took some green chile chicken and cheese enchiladas I’d made out of the freezer and I’ll have a small salad with them.​