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  • September 1st Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    I have sat outside every night this week watching the moon come up and being in awe of how majestic it has looked. Seeing the glow in the sky over the treetops and then the sliver of moon that grew until the entire moon was visible. It has been so enjoyable for me and the neighborhood children when they came over. Now, onto the morning and the weather. The sky is cloudless at the moment with a lovely breeze with the high today of 79 and the low of 58.

    A bacon and broccoli quiche will dinner along with baked apples.

    What will you be having this Friday?
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    Last night I watched a movie on Netflix... it was called Outback. Apparently a true story, a young couple decided to holiday in Australia and headed immediately to the Sydney beaches. The man was stung by a jellyfish as soon as he entered the water and that made him want to go back to the USA... The girl suggested that instead of visited the beaches, they could drive their hire car to Uluru in Central Australia. They made all the usual touristy mistakes... no provisions, no extra fuel, inappropriate clothing, didn't tell anyone they were heading into the Outback, no satellite phone, left their car and then couldn't find it again... the list goes on. The movie was listed as being suspenseful, but as an Aussie I was annoyed that they could be so dumb. Good movie though.

    We had three pre-admission appointments today and one to come on Monday. We'll be relieved when that part of the procedure is done. We had lunch is a lovely little cafe in Adelaide between appointments. We both had a sandwich... John had ham; I had chicken, avocado, tomato and something green that I've never seen before but it tasted good. After the appointments we drove to Julia's house and played with the children and then stayed for dinner. Julia bought Chinese food which I love. The one I chose as sesame honey chicken with fried rice. John had a bacon and egg sandwich.

    Tomorrow (Saturday) is the monthly doll club meeting. The theme this month is German dolls. I have one and also a Build-a-Bear in an Octoberfest costume.
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      Eek!! September!! It’s a really pretty day today, clear and mid 70’s. I woke up early this morning because I heard heavy equipment running very close to me. One of the neighbors behind me was having a dead 100+ foot cedar tree removed. It took awhile for sure. Other than that it’s been a quiet day and I’m sure traffic is going to be crazy busy for the holiday weekend. I’m staying home, I shouldn’t need anything from the grocery store and I have stuff that needs doing here.

      I’m trying out another recipe from the Milk Street Fast and Slow cookbook for Pork Ragu with Green Olives and Warm Spices and I’ll make some pappardelle pasta with it. I’m using Castelvetrano olives in it, they are so delicious!​