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September 3rd Dinner Post

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  • September 3rd Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    Well, it has happened, the AC has kicked on, so I know the humidity and heat are back. Leaves are falling so I also know it won't be long before the heat will kick on and it will be cold, snow and ice. The high today will be 89 and the low of 70.

    I made twice baked potatoes last night for freezing and kept enough out for dinner tonight along with sliced tomatoes, peppers, radishes and watermelon.

    What will you be having for your dinner?
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    I am clueless about dinner tonight. I may have enchiladas this evening. My appetite is shot. Tomorrow I will go to my daughters home and we will cook. I know we will be canning pickles.


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      Strange weather day today, it’s gray and very overcast with light sprinkles but it’s also kind of warm. I’ve got my sliding door open and ceiling fans on to keep it from being stuffy. I did a couple of laundry loads of bedding and got that all put back together and did some general picking up and getting ready for trash to go out.

      I’m going to have more of the pork ragu with pappardelle pasta for dinner, I felt like it needed more seasoning and I’m hoping a couple of days of letting the flavors blend improve it. It was good, but I thought it could be better.​