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September 7th Dinner Post

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  • September 7th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is a hazy morning with the high of 80 and the low of 62. There is a chance of sprinkles off and on today.
    Meatballs sandwiches will be dinner along with sweet potato fries and peaches.

    What will you be having this Thursday evening?
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    Took my DD out to lunch for her birthday. We had hot pot and I am still stuffed. Hubs went to Buffalo to get a car so he can pick up his own dinner. I have an apple tree in my yard and I didn't spray for bugs so I have tons of ugly apples. I picked 10 gallons and realized I didnt have all the ingredients for apple juice. I am using this recipe where you boil water, sugar and cream of tarter and pour it over the apples. The sit for 24 hours then you drain off the water and that is the juice. The apples get turned into apple butter. Of course I have no cream of tarter so that is tomorrows project. Looks like I will be canning apple products all weekend.


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      It’s a nice pleasant fall-ish day today, with temperatures in the high 60’s. I got my hair cut today, had to take a few detours to get there, there is so much road construction going on in town right now. I also took my hearing aids to Stanwood Hearing this afternoon because one of them wasn’t working at all. After a good professional cleaning they are working perfectly again, thank goodness! Not much else happening today.

      I’m going to have the other TJ’s Harvest chicken salad for my dinner tonight and I’ll add some extra sliced chicken to it.​


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        muzette: I've always wondered what was involved in making apple butter. The only kind I've had is Smuckers, lol, which I do love....homemade must taste so much better

        Little bit cooler here today. Silly me thought I'd be able to jump right back in and do some housecleaning etc, still limited to what i can do and its very frustrating. Hair washing was a big joke! Dinner is my fave frozen veal cutlets, noodles and I cooked a ton of broccoli
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