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September 11th Dinner Post

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  • September 11th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    Lest we forget, today is the day in history that will forever be remembered as a day of tragedy and the acts of heroism.

    It is a sunny sky with the high of 75 and the low of 57.

    I am making calzones along with a salad for dinner and melon.

    What will you be having this Monday?
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    Its nice enough to open all the windows to air out the house and do some deep cleaning. Got all the bedding washed and got my big rump on the floor to clean all the baseboards. The baseboards are hard oak and not my style but its growing on me, either way its all sparkly clean and I feel accomplished today. Keeping dinner simple and making spaghetti in the instant pot.


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      I am still trying to decide what to cook for dinner this evening. Tacos sound good so I might do that this evening.


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        It’s definitely starting to feel like fall lately, temperatures topped out at about 68 today, just about perfect for me. The leaves on a couple of my trees are starting to turn color. Fall up here in the PNW is so much prettier than it was in SoCal, cooler too. It’s been a lazy day today, paid the rest of the monthly bills and did some reading. Even Mendi is lounging comfortably in one of Abby’s comfy beds.

        I’m going to have more of the sweet potato tortilla soup for dinner. I’ve got two big servings vacuum sealed and frozen and this will take care of the refrigerated leftover soup.
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          Coolish day here. My arm is working very well! Unfortunately, my physio does not start til Oct 18....working my arm all I can.
          I cooked a little roast beef today, and thru in carrots and potatoes.
          We got a new AF today, a Ninja double basket. Will plan to use that this week, check out some recipes
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            Originally posted by MudderBear View Post
            We got a new AF today, a Ninja double basket.
            I just ordered the same thing on QVC! I should have it in the next week or so.