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My county fair report

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  • My county fair report

    Well we showed goats last night. Edison didn't do real good with his he has a long lean looking goat and this judge wanted really thick goats. He got 11th place outta a class of12. sad.gif Last yrs judge would have loved his goat she was going for the long feminin looking goats. Jake got 3rd outta a class of 15. Jake's goat was a really thick goat in fact I've been saying for months now that he should not have been cut into a wether he should stayed a buck. We really believe if Edison hadda shown Jake's goat he would have gotta 1st or at least 2nd. Jake's just to laid back. LOL

    We showed rabbit's this morning this morning and did really bad with them but we kinda figured we would. This up and down weather we're having has really been hard on them. They just weren't gaining the weight they needed to place high. But hey you win some you lose some.

    Both my Mom and MIL won grand and reserve championship in the Home Ec department but I don't really remember what they won. We didn't enter anything this yr it's just been to hectic with FIL and Tom's stuff going on. Oh well there's always next yr.

    My nephews show there pigs tonight. And we have several kids from our FFA club showing steers Wed night.

    Our FFA club by the way has done real good. We got grand and reserve in both the lamb and goat show.

    Oh and I do have to add that I am so so so proud of Edison. Last yr when Jake got reserve with the rabbits Edison was fit to be tied. It was ugly but this yr at the goat show and the rabbit show(Jake did better in both) Edison was very mature. With the goats last night he was disappointed but he said I guess I should have worked my goat more.(not that it would have done any good). It just made me feel really good to see my son growing up and accepting defeat like a man.
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    Oh I just love the fair around here..............sorry your boys didn't do as well but I am sure they are still having fun.

    Does Edison still play that sax - LOL ?


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      What a wonderful experience for kids.....something besides t.v. and video games.


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        Overall sounds like everyone had a nice time and thats my win some,loose some. I havent been to one in years....


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          Congrats to both of your kids! I showed a lamb when I was in FFA in high school and boy do I know how competitive it is!
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