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10 Questions just for fun

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  • 10 Questions just for fun

    1. Who?
    2. What?
    3. Where?
    4. Why?
    5. When?
    6. How?
    7. What time?
    8. How much?
    9. How long?
    10. How come?

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    Im guessing on how this game works..

    1. Who? DH
    2. What? Thats what I said when I met him (it was loud)
    3. Where? At a party through friends
    4. Why? Cause I was single and cute
    5. When? 4years ago
    6. How? friend of a friend
    7. What time? jeeezzz I dunno.. late though 11pm or later
    8. How much? all night we chatted
    9. How long? till we got married ? 2.5yrs then engaged 11months.. married 6 now
    10. How come? Cause we are SOOOO in love! and he is my soulmate.. I just adore him !
    if you look in my profile there is a pic of us
    Life is all about a$$; you're either covering it, laughing it off, kicking it, kissing it, busting it, trying to get a piece of it, behaving like one, or you live with one.


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      Chefkel, what a beautiful couple you are! Yes, I can tell you are happy and very much in love with your handsome Dh.


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        I had this same exact assignment in an undergraduate journalism class. Are you a teacher/professor shakrah? I used to make a living as a journalist. Not so now.


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          1. Who? Teresa Butler

          2. What? Vanished

          3. Where? Risco, Missouri

          4. Why? Only God Knows

          5. When? January 25, 2006

          6. How? I don't know but she didn't take a coat or shoes.

          7. What time? In the middle of the night.

          8. How much? I love her like a sister.

          9. How long? Since we were in the 4th grade, nearly 25 years ago.

          10. How come? Because she was an angel with a beautiful heart, soul and smile.

          I miss her.
          Spicy food speeds up your metabolism. Put salsa on your cupcakes.


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            Yes Bennet.



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              1. Who? merlin
              2. What? cottage
              3. Where? England
              4. Why? just the two of us
              5. When? several years ago
              6. How? thru the grace of God
              7. What time? midnight
              8. How much? a lot
              9. How long? not long enough
              10. How come? because it was time


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                shakrah, I thought you were in academics. I've imagined Journalism, Philosophy or English Lit.


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                  i don't really understand this but you are seem like such good story tellers

                  SuzieQ , hugs to you for sharing your memory


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                    Bennet, medieval religions is my passion.


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                      Wow , like Lutherans and Catholics and jews? I don't know much about religions from back then, but I have seen the Passion of the Christ. Have you seen it and what did you think being so inteested in religion?


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                        well being so " insteested" in it i thought I would like to put a grenade in Mel Gibson's mouth for being so arrogant


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                          excuse my poor spelling and my comment i didn't mean to offend


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                            Meatlo I was just hackin on a newbie and knew you had the balls welcome you are now a true cker. i gotta admit I like ya lots.


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                              ohhh i'm so very glad i didn't offend you, you have been so friendly tonite .