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  • Joey New York

    I was wondering if anyone here uses Joey NY? I am particularly interested in the face serum that feels like silk. It used to be called Restalin or Restaline?? I don't see it on the site anymore but found something similar. I think the name changed. Anyhow, this is the stuff I am interested in. This stuff is amazing:

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    I had this eye wrinkle decreaser in a glass bottle that you apply with a rubber stopper to your finger. Little blue bottle. I just looked for it and can't find it.
    This isn't a permanent thing, just smoothes the wrinkles as you apply, for the day. Worked pretty good. Now it's gonna bug me, where is it?


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      Maddison, was it made by Joey NY? I fell in love with the sample they sent me and I really tried to stretch it out. This stuff was amazing and my makeup went on so nicely. I guess I could "splurge" and get a jar of it!!