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Low - Cal Deviled Eggs

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  • Low - Cal Deviled Eggs

    Low - Cal Deviled Eggs
    by Rescuedpanther

    Total carb's 4 g

    Place 2 Eggs in a sauce pan & cover with cold water, Bring to a boil.
    Remove from heat, cover & let stand 20 minutes.
    Cool immediately in Cold Water. Peel eggs & slice lengthwise.
    Remove the yolk and mash with 2 teaspoon's mayonnaise, 1/4 teaspoon dry mustard and salt & pepper to taste

    Spoon Back into egg white & garnish with paprika

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    easy deviled eggs

    For the first time, I made some deviled eggs for my hubby's company party. Ended up on an extensive search for a simple recipe and can't believe how many variations of this recipe exists! Ended up buying Hellman's Dijonnaise, as most of the popular recipes called for mayonnaise, and, dijon mustard...which I think I personally prefer standard yellow mustard...and buying 10 already boiled, peeled and halved eggs, by Egglands...this made it easier, and, I believe food safety wise, healthier, as we are in SW Florida. Heat can be a problem at times...made early in the morning, put the deli/transport container in the freezer...Added cheap parsely which added nice color, and kept the eggs from rolling/sliding...Mellowed out the sharp taste of mustard, by adding a bit more mayonnaise, and, then the smashed w/a fork egg yolks...emptied the salt shaker (it went into the eggs to keep from cracking while boiling)...because the 'holes' were smaller than the paprika container...everything went well, except for the Wilton pastry bag (for the egg yellows and dijonnaise) and four decorating tips, did not work out, as I wanted a nice, decorative 'swirl' for the top. Will have to work on that more during the year, as I plan to make the eggs again next year...Also, a great tip, is when the eggs are done boiling, to place them in a container of ice cubed water. Makes for a much easier peel, and, keeps the whites from 'chunking' off on most of the eggs...the deviled eggs were a big hit this year, with his co-workers asking me to make them for the next company party!