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  • Black Bean Dip by AustinAggie

    Another tasty creation I came up with while fooling around in the kitchen....

    3 c black beans
    1 lb lean ground meat
    1 can diced tomatoes
    2 diced roma tomatoes
    12 oz frozen corn
    2 bunches green onions, sliced
    3 avocados, cubed
    1 bunch cilantro
    1 green bell pepper, sliced in short strips
    1 red bell pepper, sliced in short strips
    1 c baby carrots, sliced finely
    1 container sour cream
    lime, squeezed for juice
    paprika (optional)

    1. Soak beans overnight, then rinse & drain next day. Add water to cover beans about 1/5”.
    2. Heat pot on stove at Low-Medium, stirring occasionally.
    3. While beans are cooking, brown meat. Add salt & pepper. Take a few bites to make sure it tastes good & yummy. Drain off excess fat/oil.
    4. Once the beans are heated well throughout & tender, add ground meat. Keep stirring.
    5. Cube, dice, & slice all ingredients that need it.
    6. Add in corn, bell peppers, tomatoes, and carrots.
    7. Allow beans to cook till bubbly. Turn heat to low.
    8. Using potato masher (or whatever you may have on hand), mash beans well, till the texture resembles that of refried beans.
    9. Add green onions, avocados, cilantro, sour cream, cumin, salt, pepper, garlic, and limejuice. These may be added to your own taste. Stir well.
    10. Cook a bit longer on low. Stir until avocados begin to break up a bit.
    11. Spoon into serving dish & sprinkle with paprika (if desired). You may wish to also sprinkle with some Colby-Jack cheese. YUM.
    12. Serve hot for best presentation….but also tastes good cold—especially with sliced black olives.