Jalapeno Boats
by Bev

Jalapeno slices with a cheddar, cream cheese filling--served chilled. A little heat burst with a nice cool filling to chill it off.

8 Whole Jalapenos (Cut Lengthwise) - Removing stem, membranes and seeds
Package Cream Cheese Box (8 oz. size)
Cup Grated Cheddar Cheese
2 Scallions (Diced)

MIX, by hand in a small bowl, the 1/2 package cream cheese, grated cheddar and scallions.

SPOON a nice amount of cream cheese filling in to each cut and cleaned jalapeno slice from end to end.

CUT the boats in half when you have many guests.

Best served chilled.

NOTE: The more membrane and seeds you remove the less hot these will be.