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Chocolate Martini by Vernalisa

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  • Chocolate Martini by Vernalisa

    Posted January 01, 2006 06:35 PM

    Chocolate Martini

    This recipe for a Chocolate Martini is easy to make for sipping at home on summer evenings. It's very chocolate, so it may be good as an after dinner aperetif.

    Our many thanks to Leslee Randolph, from Denver, Colorado for this interesting recipe.

    1 jigger chilled vodka.
    1 jigger chilled creme de cacao. (Use the clear kind. The dark kind of chocolate liqueur is very pretty but establishes too strong a taste).
    1 good quality chocolate piece, such as a large gourmet chocolate chip or a good quality chocolate kiss.
    Optional: cocoa for dusting the rim of the glass.

    You may wish to have your martini glass chilled...
    Add both jiggers directly to the glass if you haven't got a martini shaker. Otherwise shake with a bit of ice and strain into the glass.
    Add the chocolate piece or chip (it stands in for your olive in this case...).
    Sip's a bit strong, and so should be savored slowly, perhaps with good music.