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  • Heath Brickle Cookies by wifemomcookmaid

    Posted April 02, 2006 07:40 PM

    I've been making these for years. In fact, I just made a triple batch this evening.

    ...and you can't eat just one.

    Heath Brickle Cookies

    1 - Box Betty Crocker Butter Pecan Cake Mix
    1/2 - bag Hershey's Heath Bits O'Brickle Almond Toffee Bits
    1 egg
    1/4 cup vegetable oil
    1/4 cup cold water, plus 2 tablespoons cold water

    Mix cake mix and Brickle bits well.
    Beat egg, oil and water.
    Stir into cake mix and mix well.
    Drop by teaspoonfuls on slightly greased cookie sheet.
    (Parchment paper does better on cookie sheet)
    Bake @ 350 for 7 - 8 minutes for soft cookies.

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    These sound soooooooooooo YUMMY! I can't wait to make a batch! I have bought everything and am going to bake them as a surprise to my Husband when we are on vacation. He loves Butter Pecan anything!
    **Life may not be the Party we had hoped for....
    But while we are here, we might as well Dance


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      I made these Cookies and they were very Good! For me, I found that I needed to make them fairly small & bake them about 9 min 30 sec.The trick was to leave them on the cookie sheet for a minute or two before I took them off. Actually, we liked them so well that I also made a batch using a Devil's Food Cake mix instead of the Butter Pecan and they were like a brownie cookie with toffee bits. Yummmm!
      Thanks for the recipe!
      **Life may not be the Party we had hoped for....
      But while we are here, we might as well Dance


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        I love anything with toffee bits.....yum!


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            TY, so easy too bad I dont have everything to make these but will save to make soon.


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              Thanks guys...I just got bumped off for a minute...yikes!

              ....now I have it saved and will make. Sounds delish!!!! and I love a cookie!!!


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                I made mine large, and took them out while they were still light colored. I'll use the whole bag of heath chips next time just because that's one of my favorite tastes. YUM. They're good from the oven, but the flavor comes through better after they've sit awhile.

                Thanks for the recipe wmcm...quick, easy and good.

                I also baked mine on parchment, and they do not spread very much.
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                  These are even better the second day, if they last that long! I will make these again, and use the whole bag of bits. Very good.