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    Bean Posted June 01, 2006 04:43 AM
    You could use the filling from this recipe and use Crescent rolls.


    7 c. flour, sifted
    3/4 c. sugar
    1 pt. milk (evaporated or reg.)
    1/2 c. butter (1 stick)
    1 1/2 tbsp. salt
    4 eggs
    1 cake yeast

    Scald milk. Add sugar, salt and butter, set aside to cool. Dissolve yeast in 1/2 cup lukewarm water with 1 tablespoon sugar. Add the raised yeast to milk mixture. Add very fluffy beaten eggs and the flour, one sifter at a time, beating with hand or electric beater. Keep adding flour until dough can be handled without sticking. Knead dough on floured board for about 20 minutes. Put the dough in a bowl, cover it and let it rise in a warm place for about 2 hours. Do not knead dough after it has risen. Spread the dough on a table covered with a cloth and sprinkled with flour. Pull dough into as many (e to 4) pieces as needed. First roll the dough, then pull it thin. Cut off thick edges. Spread the dough with filling then roll up as jelly roll. Put it in greased pans, cover it and set it in a warm place to raise until double in bulk. Bake 1 hour at 325 degrees.


    2 lbs. walnuts, ground
    1 lg. jar peanuts, ground, may add pecans if desired
    2 c. sugar
    1/2 c. butter
    1/2 c. honey
    1 pt. milk, evaporated or reg.
    3 eggs
    1 tbsp. lemon juice
    1 pt. whipping cream
    1 c. raisins (optional)

    Melt butter, add honey, sugar and milk. Bring to a rolling boil. Pour this mixture over ground nuts and raisins. Add beaten eggs, whipped cream and lemon juices (put on rolled out dough gently).

    Hints: When let to rise in bowl, sprinkle dough with flour, cover with wax paper and then clean cloth to keep warm. When baking, brush top with 1 beaten egg. Be sure to seal the ends so that the filling will not escape.