Posted December 15, 2005 07:47 PM

Excellent recipe from Beans and Cornbread resturant, in Detroit, Mi.

Strawberry Pound Cake Glaze


2 lbs. cream cheese, softened
2 cup powder sugar
2 tbsp. of lemon juice
2 pints strawberries
16 oz. of strawberry jelly
1 cooked pound cake (or Angel Food cake)


Trim pound cake on top and bottom so each side is flat.

Add softened cream cheese along with lemon juice and powder sugar to mixing bowl. Mix well and spread atop pound cake.

Slice in half or fan cut strawberries. Firmly place atop cake/cream cheese mixture. Warm jelly to liquid consistency in a microwave or on a stove top. Using a tablespoon, evenly distribute atop cake.

Refrigerate for 20 minutes, slice and serve.