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Stawberry Sunset Cake by Edymnion

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  • Stawberry Sunset Cake by Edymnion

    Posted December 02, 2005 07:14 PM

    Actually, I dunno what this is really called, learned it from somebody who didn't know the name, but it looks like a sunset on a plate when you're done, so this is what I'm dubbing it Smile

    Its also one of those "word of mouth" recipes, so exact amounts of ingrediants is going to be hazy, but you should be able to get it right, no problem.

    1 Prepackaged strawberry cake mix
    1 package strawberry banana jello mix
    1 can apple sauce
    1-2 package(s) vanilla pudding
    Whipped Cream

    Mix and bake the strawberry cake mix in ovensafe glassware (you'll be serving it right out of the pan you cooked it in, and glass makes a nice serving dish), using applesauce in place of vegetable oil. After cake is baked, mix up the strawberry and banana jello mix. Once it's mixed, immediantly pour it onto the cake. Yes, it will look like you just turned your cake into a soggy mess, its supposed to, don't worry about it. Refridgerate for an hour or two so the jello has time to set. Mix up the vanilla pudding, and spread it on the cake in place of icing. Won't affect taste, but if you keep the pudding relatively thin, the dark pink cake will show through, making a nice sunset appearance. Refridgerate again to let the pudding set up.

    Serve cold, with a GENEROUS dollop of whipped cream on top (slather it).

    The cake should go from a very dark pink to yellow to white as you go up through the layers, and is very light and refreshing. An ideal treat for hot summer evenings.