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    Posted May 31, 2006 10:34 AM

    These were REALLY good. I made them with the mini pre-baked pastry cups and also with the Puff Pastry Cups. Both rocked and would be great for any brunch.

    If you make the mini's you'll get about 45 (3 boxes), if you use the Puffs you'll get 18 (3 boxes - maybe more).

    After the sausage was cooked I added about 1/4 cup maple syrup. It was VERY tasty.

    Sausage Pastry Puffs

    3 packages Puff Pastry Cups
    1 package Jimmy Dean Regular Roll Sausage, cooked, crumbled, drained (I used Bold - Hot & Spicy
    3 Eggs
    1/4 cup Heavy Cream
    1 tsp. Dill Weed, chopped
    2 Tbsp. Butter
    1 cup Cheddar Cheese, shredded
    1 Tbsp. Parsley, chopped
    1/4 cup Red Pepper, diced (I used roasted)

    Bake Puff Pastry Cups according to directions. When done baking remove the center lid from pastry. Set cup aside. In bowl, mix eggs, heavy cream, dill, red pepper. Melt the butter in sauté pan. Pour mixture into sauté pan and scramble (continuous stirring with rubber spatula do not let stick). Halfway thru cooking add the sausage and cook until done. Spoon mixture into pastry cups and sprinkle with Cheddar Cheese and parsley.
    Serve warm.