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Black Forest Dessert by D'sMom

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  • Black Forest Dessert by D'sMom

    D'sMom - Posted March 11, 2004 04:30 PM

    Black Forest Dessert

    (I havent made this yet,she says she sometimes assembles it a few days beforehand & keeps it in the freezer.She takes it out before serving & shaves a chocolate bar over the top for a pretty look.)
    Source:Quick Cooking
    Yield: 15 servings

    1 pkg.(11.4 oz.)no-bake chocolate lover's flavored dessert mix
    1 pkg.(11/1 oz.)no-bake cheesecake dessert mix
    2 Tbls.sugar
    2/3 c.butter or margarine,melted
    1(16 oz.)carton frozen whipped toppng,thawed
    1(21 oz.)can cherry pie filling

    Set aside chocolate topping pouch from the chocolate dessert mix,for garnish.In a bowl,combine contents of the crust mix pkgs. from both mixes,add sugar & butter.Press into 13"x9"x2" dish.

    Prepare cheesecake dessert mix filling according to pkg.directions,gently spread over crust.Prepare chocolate dessert mix filling according to pkg.directions,carefullly spread over cheesecake layer.

    Spread w/whipped topping.Carefully spread cherry pie filling to edges.Cover & refrigerate for at least 2 hours.Just before serving,drizzle w/reserved chocolate topping.Refrigerate leftovers.

    Editors note:This recipe was tested w/Jello no-bake dessert mixes.