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  • Bananna Split Bomb by aa0719

    I posted this creation of mine on the old board before and hope everyone likes it!

    1 pouch of brownie mix w/ required ingredients
    1 box of bannana pudding
    1/4 cp German Choclate Cake Frosting
    1/2 cp cool whip or whipped cream
    marashino (sp?) cherries to top

    1. Prepare and bake brownie mix according to package directions. Once they are slightly cooled but still warm enough to handle, slice into large squares and remove from pan.
    2. Line a nice glass bowl ,(small size) depending on how thick your brownies are, with the brownie slices and press to form an even layer. Extend this layer up around the sides of the bowl so that the filling can be encassed by the brownies.
    3. Prepare pudding according to the PIE directions w/ the reduced amount of milk. Pour pudding into brownie bowl and spread frosting along the edges. It helps to melt the frosting slightly for a few seconds in the microwave.
    4. Spread cool whip on the exposed pudding portions and top with cherries.