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Lasagna roll-ups by nommie

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  • Lasagna roll-ups by nommie

    Lasagna roll-ups

    Servings | 36
    Estimated POINTSŪ value per serving | 1
    15 oz.part skim ricotta cheese
    10 oz. frozen chopped spinach
    5 cloves of garlic
    2 large cans of Hunt's spaghetti sauce
    1 chicken boullion cube
    3/4 cup of 2% shredded cheese
    18 lasagna noodles (not the no cook ones)
    mix the ricotta cheese, spinach, and garlic and set aside. break each dry lasagna noodle in half (to make to short pieces) and cook in salted water. In a saucepan, place the cans of sauce and boullion and any spices to taste and just heat through. when noodles are cooked and cooled, roll one tablespoon of cheese mixture into each noodle half. Place roll-ups in lasagna pan sprayed with pam. Pour heated sauce over them and then the shredded cheese. Bake in the oven at 350 until heated through (like you would lasagna).