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    chop Posted May 22, 2006 09:31 AM

    here is a good sandwich recipe that freezes well.

    poker buns

    2 pounds ground beef
    one small onion
    1 package chili mix
    1 package of enchilada mix
    1 small can of ortega chilis,,,,diced
    i large can of tomato sauce
    1 pound of sharp cheddar cheese....grated
    *about 1 1/2 dozen long rolls without the split

    cook beef and diced onion, and then drain. put into a pot, and put in
    chili mix, enchilada mix, chilis, and tomato sauce. simmer for one hour.
    while this is happening, slice a thin layer off the rolls and remove
    the insides, reserving them for stuffing or crutons. after it has
    simmered an hour, then add the cheese and stir. put mixture into the hollowed
    out bread shells and put back on the top. wrap in foil (individually) and freeze. when
    ready to heat, put into an oven on 350 degrees for an hour or til hot
    in middle. dh unwraps his and rewraps it in a paper towel and nukes it for about 1 1/2 min. the oven makes them crustier and the nuking makes them softer.

    *if u want crusty bread, use the oven method

    if u want softer bread, unwrap foil, re-wrap in paper towel and nuke it.

    dont do both methods on the same bun.

    also, any type of sub bun is fine to use, as long as it isnt already split.

    this is a great dinner, just add a salad.
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    I made these, substituting ground turkey for the beef, since I wanted to find something my DIL can eat when they come the end of this month. She can't eat beef--tears her stomach up. They were very good, but I didn't bake all of them in the oven. I did some of them, but they were much too hard, even after wrapping them in a p. towel & zapping them. Took the next ones out of the freezer a day ahead, let them thaw, unwrapped & wrapped in a p. towel, zapped for 90 secs. & they were perfect.