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Teriyaki Chicken Bowl by Merril

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  • Teriyaki Chicken Bowl by Merril

    Posted February 26, 2006 04:51 PM

    This is one of my all time best and favorite recipes. It's just like the Teriyaki Chicken Bowls served at chains out west. Since I live in Florida I had to come up with a substitute and this recipe hits the mark. Enjoy.

    Teriyaki Chicken Bowl

    1 Cup Teriyaki Sauce
    6 Tbl sugar (more if the brand of teriyaki sauce is very salty)
    3/4 Cup water
    2 Tbl cornstarch

    3 Tbl vegetable oil
    5 boneless, skinless chicken breast halves cut into thin 1/2" strips

    cooked rice
    3/4 - 1 cup of each steamed carrots, broccoli, & cauliflower (your preference)

    Combine teriyaki sauce and sugar together until sugar is dissolved. Add water and cornstarch and whisk until well blended. Set aside.

    Heat a large skillet or wok to med-high heat. Coat pan with vegetable oil then add chicken. Saute chicken for 6-7 minutes. Add teriyaki sauce mixture and cook another minute or 2, or until the sauce has a rolling boil and thickens slightly. Remove from heat and assemble bowls.
    Fill bowl just over half way full with rice. Top rice with steamed veggies. Top veggies with teriyaki chicken and sauce. Serve.