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Gary Solomon's Braised Pork Tenderloins

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  • Gary Solomon's Braised Pork Tenderloins

    Gary Solomon
    Posted January 29, 2006 08:14 AM

    Gary Solomon's Braised Pork Tenderloins

    2- 2 lb. pork tenderloins
    1 tsp.salt
    1/2 tsp. freshly cracked black pepper
    1 tsp. Hungarian paprika
    3 med. yellow onions, chopped
    6 garlic cloves, minced
    5 T. extra virgin olive oil
    4 c. plus 2 c. beef broth
    2 T. cornstarch
    2 T. butter

    Season the pork tenderloins and sear all sides in olive oil in a large pot. Remove. Lower the flame to medium and in the same pot sautee the onions for 30 minutes until golden. Add in the garlic and mix for a few minutes. Add the pork tenderloins back into the pot. Add in the 4 cups of beef broth or more to bring the liquid half way up the sides of the pork. Reseason if necessary. Partially cover and braise pork for 60 minutes over medium-low flame. Remove pork onto cutting board. Cover with foil and allow to rest 15 minutes. Meanwhile place the cornstarch in a medium bowl. Add in the remaining 2 cups of beef stock and whisk until dissolved. Add back into the pan and heat until a bubbly smooth gravy is created. Add two tablespoons of butter and a few drops of gravy master. Slice the pork and place on a platter. Spoon gravy over pork.

    Gary Solomon