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Swiss Cheese Fondue by Sugar Pie South

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  • Swiss Cheese Fondue by Sugar Pie South

    Sugar Pie South
    Posted January 18, 2006 08:31 AM

    I dont' bother with any dippalbe items except a hearty bread and GS apples!

    **Swiss Cheese Fondue**
    --The Melting Pot

    4 OZ White wine
    1/2 TSP Garlic, chopped
    SQUEEZE Fresh lemon
    1 C Emmenthaler Swiss cheese, grated
    1 C Gruyere Swiss cheese, grated
    1 TBL Flour or cornstarch
    5 TURNS Fresh ground pepper
    5 Dashes Nutmeg
    1 TBL Kirschwasser cherry brandy

    ~Breads, cubed (French, Pumpernickel, Rye)
    ~Granny Smith apples, chunked & washed in citrus water to prevent browning
    ~Vegetables, cut (Cauliflower, Carrots & Celery)

    1. Mix the flour, Gruyere, & Emmenthaler cheeses together. The flour will help keep the creamy texture.
    2. Heat the white wine in the fondue pot. Once hot, stir in the garlic and lemon.
    3. Slowly add cheese mixture while continuously stirring with a fork.
    4. As the cheese melts add more until you achieve the proper consistency (warm honey).
    5. Once the cheese is creamy, sprinkle nutmeg sparingly over the top.
    6. Lastly, add the Kirschwasser brandy around the side of the pot and blend together.

    All dipping items should be skewered and dipped in the cheese. Be careful of the sides and bottom of the fondue pot; the cheese tends to be hotter there.