Jo Wolf - Posted February 15, 2004 09:30 PM

This is a "just threw it together because it seemed to fit" that was developed just this weekend by a gal on a recipe newsgroup. It's already been reported back by another as Deadly Good, indeed.

Deadly Good Stuff

1 can dark cherries (bing), with liquid
1 C (approx) chocolate pieces or chips (can be milk chocolate or semi-sweet, or blend of)
1 tsp cornstarch

Reserve 1/4 C liquid from cherries seperate from balance of liquid Place drained cherries and chocolate in pan and heat until chocolate is melted. Add liquid and heat to simmer, add 1/4 C liquid with cornstarch mixed in. Stir constantly until sauce thickens. Serve warm over good vanilla ice cream. Can also be made with canned cherry pie filling; may need to thin slightly.